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Designed by Japan - Japanese Traditional Lacquer Makie Wooden Bento Maki-e Magewappa Bento Lunch Box Bento Box( Makie Sakura)

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Designed by Japan - Japanese Traditional Lacquer Makie Wooden Bento Maki-e Magewappa Bento ( Makie Sakura)

 "Magewappa" is a traditional craft made by bending very thin strips of forest-grown Japanese cedar into functional objects, and is created as a container for grains and sake. The wood absorbs excess water when you put in rice where you can eat the delicious rice even if it has cooled over time. Also, the features of this type of bento box are the beautiful grain, color and pleasant aroma of the cedar and the classical design, making the Magewappa popular over the world!

Size: 18 x 13.5 x 6.8 cm
Capacity: 700ml

■ Quality control and Designed by Japan
■ Materials : Natural wood / cedar wood
Surface painting / urethane / lacquer work

☆ Maintenance ☆
The corners of the box tend to get dirty, so use a soft sponge or cloth to remove dirt.
You can also use household dishwashing detergent (without bleach), it is recommended to wash with lukewarm water.
Finally, rinse with hot water, wipe off the water with a cloth, etc.
Let it air dry in a well-ventilated place out of the sun.

☆ If you are concerned about the smell of lacquer (paint) at the beginning of use ☆
Warm the rice broth, mix with a small amount of vinegar and wipe.
Place it in a well-ventilated place out of the sun.

☆ About natural wood ☆
Trees receive the blessings of the natural world, but in the changing seasons such as rain and wind, changes in temperature, etc.
It will grow robustly.
Then, each individuality such as the grain of the annual ring, the color of the wood, the prickly pear, and the stain is inherited and finished. We hope that you will understand and enjoy each and every one of our unique personalities.
Since natural wood is used, there are individual differences in grain, color, and dimensions, and there may be some scratches, etc., but please understand this as a characteristic of the product.

※Please use it according to the original purpose and purpose of the product.
Do not use near a fire, open flame, oven, etc.
Do not use a microwave oven, dishwasher or dryer.
It is strictly forbidden to soak in water or hot water (warm water) for a long time. (Washing)
Do not put anything with a lot of water in the contents.