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Wakasa Nuri Chopsticks in a gift box Couple Husband and Wife 2 pairs of shellwork chopsticks Snow- Abalone Shell

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Wakasa Nuri chopsticks, Wakasa Japanese Lacquer Chopsticks are decorated with seashell and eggshell fragments, gold leaf, and other items to create its beauty. Wakasa chopstick craftsmen use natural materials such as shell, pine needles, egg shell and natural lacquers to replicate the views of the ocean floor of Wakasa bay.
A Wakasa lacquered chopstick feels smooth to the touch. You can definitely tell the level of craftsmanship of the artisan from the intricate designs that are made throughout the body. These chopsticks are not only beautiful, but it’s sturdy enough to retain its aesthetics for many years, making the user naturally want to use it every day, as well as cherish it for a very long time.

Wakasa-nuri chopsticks are polished with abalone shells, eggshells, and gold leaf scattered on them. The tortoiseshell-like glossy color makes these chopsticks very elegant. These chopsticks can be used to accompany food on special occasions. As a couple's chopsticks, or as a gift for parents or loved ones. Wakasa-nuri chopsticks, a traditional Japanese craft are also a great gift for friends and love ones. The tips of the chopsticks have a rough, non-slip finish.

Chopsticks: Length / 21cm ,23cm
■ Made in Japan
■ Materials : Natural wood, Abalone Shells